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Rohit / Kalindi Patel - IACAW
Date: Oct 7, 2006 3:02 PM
Subject: September 30 Garba - Indian American Cultural Association of Westchester.
Hello Sargam,
Congratulation to the entire Sargam Group for putting up a Fabulous Program.
Here are few comments:
- Who are these people?- We have never heard such fantastic singers!
Sargam is truly a phenomenal performers!
- Our IACAW President said I have never danced, Today I didn't stop dancing!
- Another Committee member said ( Who was very critical of Musical Evening Program) Today Sargam proved me wrong! They were out of this word !
Well Done! , Excellent Performance !

OM Arora - Bhartiy Mandir - Middle Town Sept 29th'2006
- You Guys are not only fantastic performers but very nice human beings as well .
- Your Garba evenings are full of tradional garbas, Fantastic selection of new and old very heart touching garba's. We have not seen any other group even comming from India who does such a Marvelous Heart Touching Navaratri Garba Programes.
- We dont need to go to India to find very tradional Guju Garbas, You have build a Mini Gujarat Right Here !!! Right Now .

News Reporter - Poughkeepsie Journal October 7' 2005
- You are bringing the Culture of India with Your performences during such Navaratri Festivals in USA. We are delighted to see about 450 Indian and American Boys and Girls wering such tradional dresses and dancing on your musical orchestra beats !!
- With Your fantastic singing, Your are invoking the devotional devine love to the godess Ma Ambika !! Please do it here every Year..

President & Cultural Secretory of India Association of Catskill Region, NY
- Well Yogeshbhai, yesterday I got the scoop. Folks really enjoyed your performances! All singers were good. 2 friends said they wanted to hear the last song that was about start as it was their favorite. Orange county would like to hear Sargam again, so I think you are definitely in the running as a potential entertainer for spring event!

Cultural Programe Co-oridnator for Geetmala Radio Show, NY Ashvini Mahajan Feb 6
Vandana and Yogesh,
I enjoyed sargam group's program very much at geetmala's party. All of you
sang very well. Choice of songs were also good. We enjoyed and dances on every single beats of Yours
and we never knew such a greate talented artist's Group is right here.
Please convey my comments to Ram Mohan and other group members.
Keep up the good singing.